DIR 131 documents

The following documents are available for DIR 131:

Notification of licence decision

Outlines the Regulator’s decision to issue a licence following the assessment of this application.

DOCX format (54 KB)
PDF format (47 KB)

Questions and Answers on licence decision

A series of questions and corresponding answers on the licence application and the Regulator’s decision to issue a licence for this application.

DOCX format (26 KB)
PDF format (18 KB)

Summary of Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan

The document summarises the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan prepared as part of the assessment of this application. It provides a brief description of the licence application, the risk assessment and risk management plan.

DOCX format (69 KB)
PDF format (94 KB)

Full Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan

The document details the risk assessment and risk management plan prepared as part of the Regulator’s decision making process for this application. It explains the risk assessment context, provides an assessment of risks posed by the GMO(s) and details whether any of those risks require management. It also includes a summary of submissions received during the public consultation process.

DOCX format (407 KB)
PDF format (515 KB)

Licence Conditions

The document explains the licence conditions imposed by the Regulator. It provides details of the licence holder’s obligations, including both general conditions required in all licences and specific conditions for this licence, as well as reporting requirements.

DOCX format (130 KB)
PDF format (194 KB)

Reference material

  • Risk Analysis Framework for Licence Applications to the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (2013)
  • The Biology of Carthamus tinctorius L. (safflower)
    Site details for DIR 131
    Site no. Area (ha) Date planted LGA/State GPS Coordinates Crop status Crop status updated
    10.233July 2015West Wimmera/VICS36.32227 E140.98915
    S36.32225 E140.98886
    S36.32298 E140.98874
    S36.32302 E140.98904
    Signed offMay 2017
    20.223July 2015Horsham/VICS36.46315 E142.24095
    S36.46312 E142.24124
    S36.46387 E142.24121
    S36.46388 E142.24094
    Signed offJune 2017
    30.35July 2015Narrabri/NSW-29.9726689, 149.8360655
    -29.9720553, 149.8360633
    -29.9718778, 149.8356402
    -29.9719850, 149.8356101
    Signed offJune 2017
    40.37July 2015Narrabri/NSW-30.3072066, 149.7858864
    -30.3071053, 149.7861224
    -30.3068181, 149.7593200
    -30.3069362, 149.7856959
    Signed offMay 2017
    50.55August 2015Narrabri/NSW-30.1783204, 149.594962
    -30.1784449, 149.594849
    -30.1788965, 149.5958155
    -30.1787859, 149.5958955
    Signed offMay 2017
    60.1April 2016Wyndham-East Kimberley/WAS15,39.129; E128,42.739
    S15,39.103; E128,42.742
    S15,39.060; E128,42.668
    S15,39.085; E12842.662
    PHMSeptember 2016
    70.12April 2016Wyndham-East Kimberley/WAS15,38.953; E128,42.957
    S15,38.913; E128,42.968
    S15,38.869; E128,42.867
    S15,38.887; E128,42.868
    PHMSeptember 2016
    80.1June 2016Horsham/VICS36.46323, E142.24152
    S36.46323, E142.24138
    S36.46373, E142.24138
    S36.46373, E142.24152
    PHMFebruary 2017
    90.2June 2016West Wimmera/VICS36.32225, E140.98833;
    S36.32229, E140.98853;
    S36.32273, E140.98825;
    S36.32276, E140.98846
    PHMFebruary 2017
    100.25July 2016Narrabri/NSWS29.9734211; E149.8354447
    S29.9730669; E149.8355089
    S29.9729429; E149.8347402
    S29.9732945; E149.8346725
    PHMJanuary 2017
    110.27July 2016Horsham/VIC-36.46256, 142.24153
    -36.46256, 142.24097
    -36.46305, 142.24153
    -36.46305, 142.24097
    PHMFebruary 2017
    120.75July 2016Narrabri/NSWS30.3076918, 149.7890808
    S30.3073975, 149.7895764
    S30.3067635, 149.7891191
    S30.3070123, 149.7886726
    PHMJanuary 2017
    130.4July 2016Wee Waa/NSWS30.0825806, 149.5484174
    S30.0825998, 149.5488007
    S30.0817429, 149.5489656
    S30.0817105, 149.5485617
    PHMJanuary 2017
    142.43May 2017Wyndham-East Kimberley/WAS15,39.179; E128,43.335
    S15,39.211; E128,43.402
    S15,39.122; E128,43.446
    S15,39.090; E128,43.378
    CurrentMay 2017
    151.45May 2017Wyndham-East Kimberley/WAS15,38.892; E128,42.630
    S15,38.925; E128,42.697
    S15,38.872; E128,42.724
    S15,38.839; E128,42.655
    CurrentMay 2017


    Additional planting for Site 9 in August 2016 of 0.1 ha