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We define Do It Yourself Biological Research as the interest of some persons in conducting biological experiments in their homes or elsewhere outside of the containment and control of institutional or government or commercial laboratories. In recognition of this emerging activity, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator provides the following information.

We advise that some scientific experiments:
  • can pose risks to human health, safety and the environment; and
  • may be subject to the requirements of a range of laws in Australia.
The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) implements the Australian national regulatory system for gene technology within Australia. The regulatory system comprises National, State and Territory laws providing for:
  • the OGTR to identify and manage the risks to human health, safety and the environment arising from dealings with genetically modified organisms;
  • the restriction of certain forms of dealings with genetically modified organisms unless such dealings are exempt or otherwise authorised; and
  • criminal offences for non-compliance.
The regulatory system is explained on the OGTR website.

Any person conducting Do It Yourself Biological Research within Australia should familiarise themselves and comply with these requirements.

For further information email or free call 1800 181 030 within Australia.

Dr Joe Smith
Gene Technology Regulator
22 December 2009