Unless defined otherwise in this Explanatory Information document, words and phrases used in this document have the same meaning as in the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act) and the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 (the Regulations).

Words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.

Where any word or phrase is given a defined meaning, any other part of speech or other grammatical form in respect of that word has a corresponding meaning.

accredited organisation - An organisation accredited by the Gene Technology Regulator under Section 92 of the Act.

corresponding State legislation - A law that the Minister has declared to be a corresponding State legislation.

dealing or deal with - In relation to a GMO, means the following:

  1. conduct experiments with the GMO;
  2. make, develop, produce or manufacture the GMO;
  3. breed the GMO;
  4. propagate the GMO;
  5. use the GMO in the course of manufacture of a thing that is not the GMO;
  6. grow, raise or culture the GMO;
  7. import the GMO;
  8. transport the GMO;
  9. dispose of the GMO;
and includes the possession, supply or use of the GMO for the purposes of, or in the course of, a dealing mentioned in any of paragraphs (a) to (i).

DIR - Dealing Involving Intentional Release.

DNIR - Dealing Not Involving Intentional Release.

GMO - Genetically Modified Organism.

Guidelines - Guidelines for the Accreditation of Organisations.

instrument of accreditation - A current written instrument issued by the Regulator accrediting an organisation pursuant to Section 92 (1) of the Act.

IBC - Institutional Biosafety Committee.

NLRD - Notifiable Low Risk Dealing.

OGTR - Office of the Gene Technology Regulator.

the Regulator - The Gene Technology Regulator.

relevant conviction - A conviction for an offence against a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a foreign country, relating to the health and safety of people or the environment, if;
  1. the offence was committed within the period of 10 years immediately before the making of the application; and
  2. the offence was punishable by a fine of $5000 or more, or by a term of imprisonment of one year or more.Top of page