Guidelines for Certification of Physical Containment 1 Facilities

Facility Type Current Guideline Date & Version Number Current Guideline Documents Previous (Superseded) Guidelines Application Checklist Annual Inspection Checklist
PC1 Facility 30/03/2007 - Ver 1.1 PC1 Facility guidelines (PDF 131 KB)
PC1 Facility guidelines (Word 80 KB)
previous versions not required

available here for your convenience
Application Checklist (PDF 72 KB)
Application Checklist (Word 91 KB)
annual inspections not required
PC1 Large Grazing Animals Facility None1 N/A previous versions N/A N/A
PC1 Large Scale Facility None2 N/A previous versions N/A N/A

1This guideline was revoked on 11 February 2014. Such facilities will be covered by the PC2 Large Grazing Animal Facility guidelines.
2This guideline was revoked on 27 February 2018.

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