In the May budget, the Government announced funding for the assessment and development of a cost recovery model for services provided by the Gene Technology Regulator.

Although the Gene Technology Act 2001 provides for the Regulator to charge for services, so far the OGTR has been fully funded through annual appropriations. In light of the developing maturity of the sector, the Government believes it is now appropriate to assess possible options for cost recovery that might provide a sustainable basis for funding OGTR operations into the future.

During the coming months, the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) will be assessing options for cost recovery of OGTR services. Further information will be available, and stakeholder comments sought, as this work progresses throughout the year. A draft Cost Recovery Impact Statement is likely to be released in October. The final model is to be considered by Government in 2014-15, at which time a decision will be made as to whether and how cost recovery is to be implemented. More information is available at Evaluation of Cost Recovery for the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator page on the Department of Health and Ageing website or request for information by sending an email to Cost Recovery Inbox.