As referenced throughout this Guide, the Commonwealth Gene Technology Bill 2000 is only one component of a national scheme for gene technology.

Each State and Territory will also enact legislation that is essentially the same as the Commonwealth legislation. This will enable the scheme to operate effectively and consistently across all jurisdictions.

It is anticipated that States and Territories will enact their legislation in one of two ways. They will either:

  • ‘apply’ the Commonwealth law. This means that a State or Territory Parliament would introduce a very short Bill into their Parliament which would apply the Commonwealth law as a law of that State or Territory; or
  • enact a substantive law in substantially the same terms as the Commonwealth legislation.
Model state legislation, which will be prepared by Parliamentary drafters within State and Territory governments, will be available for public consultation and consideration by late July 2000. This timeframe may vary across States and Territories.

National Scheme

Image of National Scheme diagram