Advance notice

8th OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee Forum
28–29 March 2019, National Gallery, Canberra

The 8th OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Forum will be held in Canberra on 28 and 29 March 2019.

This Forum will provide an opportunity for representatives of accredited organisations and their IBCs to engage with OGTR on topics relevant to the regulation of genetically modified organisms in Australia.

The Forum will not be limited to attendance by just IBC members, but will be open to staff who undertake roles on behalf of an accredited organisation requiring regular interaction with OGTR as part of their usual business.

However, to ensure that as many regulated organisations as possible are able to participate in this event, it may be necessary to limit the numbers of staff attending from each organisation.

Please contact your organisation’s IBC or biosafety officer for more information on this event.

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