Seventh OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee Forum

The Seventh OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Forum was held in Canberra on 4 -5 May 2017. This forum was an opportunity for representatives of accredited organisations and their IBCs to engage with the OGTR on topics relevant to the regulation of genetically modified organisms in Australia.

Below are the presentations from this forum.

Session 1 - Setting the scene

Chair: Mr Neil Ellis
Introduction and setting the scene for the forum - Dr Raj Bhula, Gene Technology Regulator (PDF 898KB)
Industry and consumer attitude to genetic modification - Professor Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide (PDF 1,450KB)

Session 2 - Current trends in gene technology

Chair: Dr Heidi Mitchell
Current trends in the use of new technologies – Professor Ian Small, University of Western Australia (PDF 8,636KB)
Advances in gene technology - risk analysis challenges for regulators – Dr Peter Thygesen, OGTR (PDF 3,132KB)
Biohacking and Regulation – Mr Meow-Ludo, BioFoundry (PDF 4,113KB)

Session 3 - Feedback from Institutional Biosafety Committees

Chair: Dr Michael Dornbusch
Compliance and records systems – Mr John Baisden, Griffith University (PDF 2,130KB)
From glasshouse to field - challenges for IBCs and researchers – Dr Carl Ramage, La Trobe University (PDF 4,372KB)
Problems and solutions associated with large multi-purpose certified facilities – Dr Lynda Boldt, University of Melbourne (PDF 3,007KB)
PC2 large animal housing – Mr Mark Smith, Western Sydney Local Health District (PDF 3,540KB)

Session 4 – CCI: Tips, Tricks and Transmission

Chair: Dr Heidi Mitchell
Role of Confidential Commercial Information in applications – Dr Brian Weir, OGTR (PDF 644KB)
Data portal – Ms Karina Dennis, OGTR (PDF 533KB)

Session 5 – Regulatory updates

Chair: Mr Will Tucker
Update on OGTR-DAWR harmonisation activities – Mr Peter Wenzel, OGTR (PDF 285KB)
Export Control Regulations for the Life Sciences – Dr Julia Bowett, Defence Export Controls (PDF 560KB)
Updates on new PC2 LS guidelines / progress towards modular PC3 guidelines / updates on process improvements – Dr Dennis Dowhan and Emma Collins, OGTR (PDF 799KB)
Update on GM plant releases - new application form and post-harvest monitoring – Dr Heidi Mitchell, OGTR (PDF 692KB)
Update on the technical review of the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 – Dr Louisa Matthew, OGTR (PDF 452KB)

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