8th OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee Forum
28–29 March 2019, National Gallery, Canberra

The 8th OGTR National Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Forum was held in Canberra on 28 and 29 March 2019.

This Forum provided an opportunity for representatives of accredited organisations and their IBCs to engage with OGTR on topics relevant to the regulation of genetically modified organisms in Australia.

The following presentations are being made available for download for a limited time to aid attendees to discuss the presentations with their IBC’s and other members of their organisations. These presentations will be removed on 20 May 2019.

Copyright information for presentations given by OGTR staff can be found on the OGTR's copyright information page.

Slides for presentations given by non-OGTR staff have been uploaded for the above purpose with permission. However, copyright remains with the presenter and/or their organisation and you should seek their permission should you wish to use or alter the presentations for any other purpose.

Session 1 - Welcome and Opening of the Forum

Address by Keynote speaker – Prof Dan Tompkins, NZ Predator Free 2050 (PDF 4238 KB)

Session 2 – Setting the scene

Introduction and setting the scene for the Forum - Raj Bhula, Gene Technology Regulator (PDF 1046 KB)

Review of the Scheme – Michelle McLaughlin, Dept of Health (PDF 627 KB)

Regs Review – implications for regulated stakeholders – Louisa Matthew, OGTR (PDF 414 KB)

Session 3 – IBC panel

Training Experts - Amanda Jones, University of Queensland (PDF 1984 KB)

Snapshot of International Training - Lisa van Duin, University of Melbourne (PDF 1574 KB)

Networking & Tracking authorisations - Dorota Gancarz, SAHMRI (PDF 459 KB)

Tracking Authorisations - Scott Burnell, Griffith University (PDF 12510 KB)

Session 4 – Operational information 1

GMO Waste Management - Peter Wenzel, OGTR (PDF 194 KB)

Session 5 (Optional) – Introduction to the OGTR

Introduction/refresher on the Gene Technology Regulatory scheme – Michael Dornbusch (PDF 1723 KB)

Session 6 – Operational information 2

How to correctly apply for CCI – Kathy Schneebeli, OGTR (PDF 794 KB)

Online forms – Karina Dennis, OGTR (PDF 586 KB)

Certification and other contained developments – Kylie Tattersall, OGTR (PDF 673 KB)

Session 7 – Regulatory Culture

Scene setting – Neil Ellis, OGTR (PDF 180 KB)

Guest speaker – Dennis Gentilin, Deloitte's Melbourne (PDF 9997 KB)

Conflict of interest management – Dr Gillian Colebatch, OGTR (PDF 444 KB)

Community Science Accountability - Andrew Gray, Bioquisitive (PDF 2846 KB)

Session 8 – Plants

Setting up and running a field trial – Amanda Highet, University of Adelaide (PDF 5399 KB)

Plant Licence Conditions workshop – Sarah Weisman, OGTR (PDF 174 KB)

Session 9 – Clinical Trials & PC3 guidelines

Clinical trials - Liesa Hindmarsh, OGTR (PDF 446 KB)

Role of IBCs in clinical trials - Simone Flight, Clinical Network Services (PDF 480 KB)

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