About the GMO tables

The following tables provide a summary of GMOs released into the environment.

GMOs can be released for a limited time under specified conditions (limited and controlled release) or without a time limit on their release (“Commercial release”). Some restrictions on commercial releases may still apply.

All releases are assigned a licence number and referred to as “DIR” which is short for “Dealings involving intentional release” into the environment. “Dealing” with GMO includes many activities such as conduct experiments, make, develop, produce, transport and dispose.

In addition to licences, there is also a “GMO Register”. The Regulator can decide that certain dealings previously authorised by a licence may be included in the GMO Register. Dealings on the GMO register no longer require a licence, they can be conducted by anyone.

Table of applications and authorisations for Dealings involving Intentional Release (DIR) into the environment
Licence No Organisation Title of Project Parent Organism Modified Trait Issue Date Licence Status
DIR 168Withdrawn prior to assessmentWithdrawn
DIR 167The University of QueenslandTrial of genetically modified vaccines against Ross River virus infection in horses Withdrawn
DIR 141Withdrawn prior to assessmentWithdrawn
DIR 110Hexima LtdLimited and controlled release of cotton genetically modified for fungal control Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)Disease resistance, Selectable marker - antibiotic Withdrawn
DIR 106The University of QueenslandLimited and controlled release of sugarcane genetically modified for production of naturally occurring compounds for use in bioplastics Sugarcane (Saccharum spp. L.)Composition - non-food (processing), Selectable marker - antibiotic, Selectable marker - herbicide, Reporter gene expression Withdrawn
DIR 088Merial Australia Pty LtdPROTEQFLU Suspensions for horsesEquine influenza vaccineVaccine – antigen expressionWithdrawn
DIR 075/2007Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 072/2007Yorktown TechnologiesCommercial release of GloFish expressing red, green or yellow fluorescent proteins Zebrafish (Danio rerio)Modified colourWithdrawn
DIR 061/2005Grain Biotech Autralia Pty LtdField trial of genetically modified salt tolerant wheat on saline landWheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Abiotic stress tolerance, Selectable marker –herbicideWithdrawn
DIR 045/2003Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 043/2003Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 042/2003Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 041/2003Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 037/2003Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 029/2002Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 024/2002Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 014/2002CSIROAgronomic assessment and seed increase of transgenic cottonCotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)Insect resistanceWithdrawn
DIR 013/2002Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 004/2001Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 003/2001Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 002/2001Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn
DIR 001/2001Withdrawn prior to assessment Withdrawn