The Monitoring and Compliance Section supports the Gene Technology Regulator by undertaking monitoring, audits, inspections and investigations under the auspices of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act). Monitoring and compliance activities also comprise risk assessment and management, reviews of an organisation's activities and reporting.

The aim of the OGTR monitoring and compliance activities is to ensure that dealings with Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) comply with regulatory requirements. These requirements are designed to meet the object of the Act:

To protect the health and safety of people, and to protect the environment, by identifying risks posed by or as a result of gene technology, and by managing those risks through regulating certain dealings with GMOs.

DOCX version of Monitoring and Compliance Update June 2018 (Word 498 KB)
PDF version of Monitoring Compliance Update June 2018 (PDF 2317 KB)

Do It Yourself Biological Research and the Australian National Regulatory System for Gene Technology (HTML)

Regulatory requirements which apply to the supply of research materials which are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) under the Gene Technology Act 2000 (HTML)

Licence holder incident reporting form

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