02 Apr

First genetically modified plant on Australian 'GMO Register'

After eleven years of commercial production and distribution in Australia, four carnations have become the first genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be placed on the Australian ‘GMO Register’.


26 Oct

GM cotton as safe as non-GM cotton in Northern Australia

Following rigorous evaluation and extended public consultation, the Australian Gene Technology Regulator, Dr Sue Meek, announced today that she has issued a licence for the commercial release of five lines of genetically modified (GM) cotton in northern Australia.


05 Dec

Coordinated risk assessment for new commercial GM cotton

Australia’s Gene Technology Regulator, Dr Sue Meek, has released her initial assessment of Monsanto’s application to commercially release herbicide tolerant Roundup Ready Flex® cotton anywhere in southern Australia.

14 Jul

Genetically modified canola detected in Victoria safe as conventional canola

The Australian Government Gene Technology Regulator, Dr Sue Meek, today issued an assurance that canola found in Victoria to contain genetic material that could only have been introduced using gene technology is as safe as conventional canola for both people and the environment.

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