Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRDs) are activities with GMOs undertaken in containment (i.e. not released into the environment) that have been assessed as posing low risk to the health and safety of people and the environment provided certain risk management conditions are met.

The types of GMOs and activities classified as NLRDs are specified in Schedule 3 of the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 (the Regulations). A person/accredited organisation may only undertake an NLRD after it has been assessed as being an NLRD by an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Flow chart describing NLRD process1. The person/accredited organisation submits an NLRD proposal to their IBC
It is strongly recommended that the OGTR’s Guidance Document is used when preparing an NLRD proposal (see the NLRD Documents and Forms page).

2. IBC assesses NLRD

  • the dealing must be assessed by an IBC as being an NLRD
  • the dealing must be mentioned in parts 1 or 2, and not in part 3, of Schedule 3 of the Regulations
  • IBC assess the suitability of people and facilities proposed for the dealings.
3. IBC prepares a Record of Assessment

IBCs must prepare a Record of Assessment (RoA) for each proposed NLRD they assess, and give a copy of this RoA to the person/accredited organisation who requested the NLRD assessment as required by Regulation 13B of the Regulations.

It is recommended that the OGTR’s Model Form is used, or referred to, when preparing a RoA (see the NLRD Documents and Forms page).

4. Commencement

The person/accredited organisation can commence the NLRD once they receive the RoA noting the IBC’s assessment that the dealing is an NLRD.

5. NLRDs must be conducted:
  • only as described in the IBC RoA
  • by people with appropriate training and/or experience
  • within a facility certified to either Physical Containment level 1 (PC1), PC2 or PC3 (as appropriate), or another facility specifically approved in writing by the Regulator for a particular NLRD, and in accordance with any conditions imposed on the facility, and.
  • transported, stored and disposed of according to the Regulator’s Guidelines for the Transport, Storage and Disposal of GMOs, or alternative conditions specifically approved in writing by the Regulator for a particular NLRD.
6. Notify the Regulator of the NLRD

The person/accredited organisation must notify the Regulator of any NLRDs assessed during the financial year in an annual report. The NLRD reporting form must be used and instructions for completing the form are available on the NLRD Documents and Forms page.

7. List of NLRDs updated on the OGTR website

NLRDs notified to the Regulator are assigned a reference number (NLRD number) by the OGTR. The List of NLRDs notified to the Regulator on the OGTR website, which forms part of the GMO record, is updated annually, once all organisation’s annual reports are received.

All abovementioned forms and other relevant information relating to NLRDs can be found on the NLRD Documents and Forms page. For further information see the Frequently asked Questions - Accreditation, Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) & Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRDs) page on the website.

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