The national regulatory system is underpinned by the intergovernmental Gene Technology Agreement. This agreement, signed by all Australian jurisdictions, sets out the understanding between governments of the nationally consistent regulatory system and commits the states and territories to pass corresponding laws. Under this agreement, the states and territories are also committed to maintaining corresponding legislation with the Commonwealth. The Regulator is charged with performing functions and exercising powers under the Gene Technology Act and corresponding legislation.

Table: Legislation administered by the Gene Technology Regulator

JurisdictionTitle of Act and Regulations*
Australian Capital TerritoryGene Technology Act 2003
Gene Technology Regulations 2004
New South WalesGene Technology (New South Wales) Act 2003
Northern TerritoryGene Technology (Northern Territory) Act 2004
QueenslandGene Technology (Queensland) Act 2016
South AustraliaGene Technology Act 2001
Gene Technology Regulations 2002
TasmaniaGene Technology (Tasmania) Act 2012
VictoriaGene Technology Act 2001
Gene Technology Regulations 2011
* Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Tasmania do not have regulations, as their Acts automatically adopt any amendments to the Commonwealth Act and Regulations.