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ORIMA’s development of the survey and report was commissioned by the OGTR to assess our client service performance and support the continual improvement of OGTR client services. The survey questions sought a range of possible responses about satisfaction (or otherwise) with OGTR client services. The majority of responses were recorded as “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” or “Neutral” (ie neither satisfied nor dissatisfied) with OGTR services. The survey shows that there were some minority responses of dissatisfaction with services. These are outweighed by the positive/neutral responses in all survey questions.

Recruitment to the survey included an open invitation on the OGTR website and direct invitation of regulated organisations, stakeholder government agencies and registered individuals and organisations the OGTR client register. The Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee was also consulted during the preparation of the survey questions.

The report indicates that a majority of survey respondents have a positive view of, or have no dissatisfaction with, OGTR client services. Although the report generally indicates that OGTR client services are performing well, some respondents also provided advice on possible improvements to services. In response to survey findings and issues raised in responses the OGTR will undertake some improvements to services. The key areas where the OGTR will be focussing attention to make improvements in response to the survey will be:

  • website functionality;
  • the levels and location of information on the website;
  • staff interactions with clients; and
  • ongoing review and improvement of guidance and regulatory instruments.

Issues raised by regulated parties will be considered at future OGTR Institutional Biosafety Forums. A number of changes and improvements to processes and practices have already been made in response to the survey.

We note that a very small number of comments:
  • asked the OGTR to take up actions which are more properly the responsibility of other agencies or governments which are unable to be addressed in the context of OGTR improvement to client services; or
  • were about the role of the national regulatory system for gene technology, rather than OGTR client services, and will be contributed to future reviews of the operation of the regulatory system; or
  • were about effective risk/compliance communication outcomes for regulated parties which can be addressed at future OGTR Institutional Biosafety Forums and are also a routine part of OGTR compliance capacity building (eg as part of practice reviews and audits).

The OGTR welcomes feedback from stakeholders and if you wish to raise any issues please contact the office.

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