Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

An assessment of activities funded under the National Suicide Prevention Program and selected elements of the Taking Action to Tackle Suicide package over the seven-year period from 2006-07 to 2012-13.

Page last updated: January 2014

Page last reviewed: 14 August 2014

Evaluation of suicide prevention activities (online)

PDF version of Evaluation of suicide prevention activities - main report (PDF 3500 KB large file)
PDF version of Evaluation of suicide prevention activities - appendices (PDF 1713 KB large file)

The same publication in smaller sections:

Cover pages (PDF 435 KB)
1 Executive summary (PDF 104 KB)
2 Introduction (PDF 56 KB)
3 Background and policy context (PDF 136 KB)
4 Methods (PDF 113 KB)
5 Profile of projects (PDF 677 KB large file)
6 Snapshot of project activity: October 2012 to March 2013 (PDF 493 KB)
7 Findings: appropriateness (PDF 1310 KB large file)
8 Findings: effectiveness - outcomes and achievements (PDF 147 KB)
9 Findings: effectiveness - enablers and barriers (PDF 96 KB)
10 Findings: efficiency (PDF 189 KB)
11 Positioning the NSPP in Australia's suicide prevention efforts (PDF 134 KB)
12 Improving outcome measurement (PDF 123 KB)
13 Summary of findings, suggested program improvements and conclusions (PDF 104 KB)

A Project profiles (PDF 803 KB large file)
B Key evaluation questions (PDF 133 KB)
C Minimum data set - values and collection points (PDF 245 KB)
D NSPP survey for projects (PDF 193 KB)
E Stage 2 literature review (PDF 545 KB large file)
F Overarching program logic model (PDF 157 KB)

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