Accreditation of organisations helps manage risks that may be associated with dealings with GMOs.

An organisation undertaking licensed dealings with GMOs can apply to the Regulator to be accredited under sections 91 - 98 of the Gene Technology Act 2000. The process of accreditation enables the Regulator to assess if the
organisation has the resources and the internal processes in place to enable it to effectively oversee work with GMOs. Before an organisation can be accredited, it must have established, or have access to, an appropriately constituted Institutional
Biosafety Committees (IBC).

IBCs provide on-site evaluation of low-risk contained dealings that do not require case-by-case consideration by the Regulator. IBCs are required to comprise a range of suitable experts and an independent person, and they provide a quality assurance mechanism that reviews the information applicants submit to the Regulator.

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