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Accreditation form

Accreditation forms

Application form

Applications forms to work with GMOs

This section contains a number of application forms to apply to the Regulator for obtaining approvals to work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as defined by the Gene Technology Act 2000, the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 and corresponding state and territory laws. Various pages within this section outlines the types of approvals required for work with GMOs, how the licence application is assessed and how to apply for transfer, surrender, suspension and variation of a GMO licence.

NLRD Documents and Forms

This page contains documents and forms related to recording and reporting NLRDs.

Reporting form

Allegations of non-compliance

If you think someone you know is not complying with their responsibilities under the Gene Technology Act 2000, we want to hear from you.

Certification form

Application Form and Explanatory Information for Certification of Physical Containment Facilities

Miscellaneous form

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