Under section 27 of the Gene Technology Act 2000 the Regulator's functions include:

  • monitoring international practice in relation to regulation of GMOs
  • maintaining links with international organisations that regulate GMOs in countries outside Australia
  • promoting harmonisation of risk assessments relating to GMOs and GM products by regulatory agencies.
Research, development and commercialisation and regulation of gene technology are all global activities. To maintain our position at the forefront of regulatory science for gene technology, effective international engagement is essential. The OGTR and the Regulator’s approach to risk analysis are highly regarded internationally. The OGTR has an active program of international engagement, participating in a range of multilateral and bilateral forums and meetings. We participate in the activities of the OECD, WHO and in other relevant multilateral forums, taking opportunities to both influence and adopt international best practice risk analysis. We also continue to engage with our counterparts in other countries to exchange information and promote consistent approaches to regulatory risk analysis for gene technology.

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