About the Regulator

The Regulator is an independent statutory office holder responsible for administering the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act) and corresponding state and territory laws. The Regulator is appointed by the governor-general only with the agreement of the majority of all jurisdictions.


The Gene Technology Regulator (the Regulator) is a statutory office holder reporting directly to the Australian Parliament and is supported by staff in the Office of the Gene Regulator (OGTR). The Legislative Governance Forum on Gene Technology (LGFGT), comprising representatives from all Australian jurisdictions, oversees implementation of the regulatory system and the role of the Regulator.


The nationally consistent legislative scheme for gene technology is comprised of the Commonwealth Gene Technology Act 2000 and Gene Technology Regulations 2001, and corresponding State and Territory legislation.

Gene Technology Committees

The Act establishes two committees whose role is to give advice to the Regulator and the LGFGT on matters relating to gene technology. These are the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee (GTTAC) and the Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee (GTECCC).

Related regulatory websites

This section provides link to a number of national and international regulatory agencies that have responsibility for regulating GMOs and or GM products or biosafety.

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